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Wiang Kum Kam Historical Sites & Monuments

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Wieng Kum Kam is recently-discovered lost city formed in 1286 during the reign of King Mengrai. Historians have found that Wieng Kum Kam was a slightly large city, with an inner part framed by reservoirs. The city of Wieng Kum Kam contained numerous religious structures, but only twenty structures that were found, such as Wat Chedi Liam (read more at [link to its page]), Wat Chang Kham, Wat Noi, Wat Pu Pia, Wat Ku Khao, Wat E Kang, Wat Hua Nong, and Wat Pu Song.

Getting there: Wiang Kum Kam is located in the southeast of Chiang Mai, between Km.3-4 along Chiang Mai-Lamphun route, Tambon Wang Tan, Saraphi district. Take the road at Nong Hoi Polce box to the Ko Klang Pa Kluai intersection and en route to Chedi Liam Police box. Contact: Wiang Kum Kam Information Center Tel: 0 5327 7322


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