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Ao Nang Beaches & Bay

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 Ao Nang is Krabi tourist central. The coastline of Ao Nang  is twenty kilometers away from Krabi town, and six kilometers away from Noppharat Thara beach. Its scenic beach with relaxing ambiance makes it a popular attractions among global trotters with selections of accommodations, restaurants and bars. Ao Nang is also a transportation hub you can travel to nearby islands, such as:

●       To Rai Le beach: 80 THB (10 minutes) A night trip costs 100 THB.

●       To Phra Nang cave: 80 THB (15 minutes)

●       To Poda island and return: 300 THB (25 minutes)

●       To Kai island and return: 300 THB (25 minutes)

●       To Hong archipelago on a charter boat: 2,500 THB (an hour)


How to get there

By Boat

Boat travelling times and fares from Ao Nang to various beaches 
and islands are as follows: 

Ao Nang – Rai Le: 80 baht (10 minutes)
Ao Nang – Tham Phra Nang: 80baht (15 minutes)
Ao Nang – Ko Poda: 300 baht return (25 minutes)
Ao Nang – Ko Kai: 300 baht return (25 minutes)
Ao Nang – Mu Ko Hong: 2,500 baht for a charter boat (1 hour)
A night trip from Ao Nang to Rai Le costs 100 baht. All boats are available from 7.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m. 

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