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Samut Songkhram Attractions

Amphawa floating market or Sunset floating market

Amphawa floating market is one of the most popular floating market in Thailand. The merchants sell their goods in their boats. Alongside the canal there are shops opening to sell food, drinks, snacks, cloths, and souvenirs.


Tha Kha floating market

This floating market offers example of local life. Local merchants sell agricultural products in their boats in the morning.


Bang Nok Kwaek floating market

Aged more than 150 years old, the market is not so far away from the infamous Amphawa floating market. Aside from merchants in their boats, the classic wooden buildings alongside the canal is a fascinating attraction to visit.


Bang Noi floating market

This floating market is simple, and quieter just how traditional Thai life is expected to be.


Rom Hoob market (Umbrella Market)

The market locates near Mae Klong train station, and right next to railway. Shopkeepers will open their umbrellas or awnings during their business time and shut them when a train comes.


Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram

The area in the back of this temple was a house of King Rama I or the first king of the current reign of Thailand and his queen. The house is also the birth place of King Rama II.


King Rama II Park

Also known as King Rama II museum, the attraction locates near Wat Amphawan and Amphawa floating market. It exhibits ancient artifacts from early Rattanakosin era such as, Bencharong, kitchenware, Thai mythical masks, etc.


Bang Kung Camp

The camp plays significant role in Thai history. A church in the area is covered by four types of trees; Photi, Sai, Krai, and Krang. The church is called Prok Photi.


Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral

The cathedral situates by the river, showing its beautiful architecture and interior decoration.


Don Hoi Lot

It is the shoal locating near Mar Klong River, which caused by precipitation of snady soil from main land. There are many types of shellfish in the area but mostly are razor clam. Don Hoi Lot is a famous place to find fresh and dried seafood, including many other local goods. Seafood dining is also available along the whole road.


Chang-Eng Siamese Twins Memorial

The memorial is to celebrate the life of the famous conjoined twins Chang and Eng who brought much renown to Thailand.


Wat Petch Samut Wora Viharn


The temple is a house of Luang Por Wat Baan Laem buddha image which is one of the very important ones in Thailand.


Fireflies Cruise

Tourists can board the romantic boat ride at Amphawa floating market to see the firefly at night when they amazingly glitter before your eyes. 

How to go

The Transport company provides buses from Bangkok to Samut Songkhram from Southbound bus terminal is Borommaratchachonnani road. The buses depart every day from 5:50 am – 9:00 pm. Air-conditioned buses (operated by Damnoen Tour) are available as well. Contact tel. 0 2894 6355 or www.transport.co.th


Another way to book your bus ride via online booking provided by the Transport company’s website www.busticket.in.th or www.thaiticketmajor.com as well as www.thairoute.com

There are trains from Wong Wien Yai station to Mahachai station available every day. To get to Samut Songkhram, take the train and get off at Mahachai station in Samut Sakorn province to take ferry from Mahachai pier to Tha Chalom pier. Then take another train from Baan Laem station to Samut Songkhram. An alternative way is taking a bus from Mahachai train station to Samut Songkhram.

Contact Wong Wien Yai station for more information about train schedule at tel. 0 2465 2017, 0 2890 6260 or www.railway.co.th


You can also book a ticket online (e-TSRT) at https://www.thairailwayticket.com/eTSRT/


Don Hoy Lhod

Don Hoi Lot It is a bar at the mouth of the Mae Klong River, created by sedimentation of sandy soil or Khee Ped Sand as called by the locals. It occupies a vast area 3 Kilometres wide and 5 Kilometres long. There are two places: Don Nok, located at the mouth of Mae Klong Gulf which can be accessed by boat.

Don Hoy Lhod

Chang-Eng Siamese Twins Memorial and Boat Museum

The statues were built in memory of Chang-Eng, the Siamese twins who made Thailand famous around the world.

Chang-Eng Siamese Twins Memorial and Boat Museum

Amphawa Floating Market

It is an afternoon floating market by the canal near Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram (parking area is available). On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, during 12.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m., the Amphawa Canal is occupied by vendors who pack their boats with food and drinks, such as fried sea mussel, noodles, coffee, O-liang (iced black coffee), sweets, etc

Amphawa Floating Market